Saturday, December 16, 2006

An update!! So far I have done a few more images - one being another character, Bigmum the Ford Fairmont AU series I car and the gypsy wagon, and a scene for the game. I won't give away too much at this stage but this scene is at the start of the game and it provides the player with the chance to explore the room with its little nooks and crannies, small details and a big window overlooking a beautiful lush garden with a water feature. Also I have had a wonderful friend of mine, Ashen, develop a couple of modules to use in my game. They feature a mobile phone texting system and a day to night time feature. Ashen has really helped me and taught me lots about scripting as I am so new to game programming lol. Thank you Ashen, you are a big credit to me. Where I lack in skills of programming at this stage, he helps me with this and I make up in the area of graphics. I have also decided to put in this entry images of the phone I designed to go with Ashen's texting module. The phone images here are just two parts of the phone opening; it has a set of images to operate its opening and closing functions whenever the player wants to send a txt or receives a txt. I will keep you up to date on the progress of more scenes coming, along with items and more characters. At the moment I have had to put the game design progress on hold due to work, and someone staying with me for one month and a family member passing away but I will be back with the game design after the last week of work for the year, when I will be able to have time for myself and the game.

Images are below - scroll down to view. You can click on each image to see a much larger view.

Bigmum - in normal (left image) and talking view (middle image) and in side view

Gypsysnail's gypsy wagon that Bigmum will tow in game and sit with most of the time during the game

Open and closed views of mobile phone
The scene at the near start of the game - gypsysnail's house. Some people said the sofa was way too large, but Ashen said it looked perfect, overstuffed and comfy, just how I intended it to be so I decided to keep it this way.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hello all! :) I am very excited to present you this blog that details the progress of my first game in the series of Gypsysnail - about her travels around Australia. This game is an adventure game and I am producing this game using a brilliant program called Adventure Game Studio (AGS) which you can find here and the support I receive from fellow AGS members and game developers at this forum. Without them, I would be lost! Learning to program a game for the first time is not that easy but once you know the rules it gets easier! ;)

Now for the game progress in pictures... I have so far done my main characters and some items. The story is 98% complete. The scenes will come a little later, being busy with work (one has to earn money to set up a business ;)). Here are the images of the characters below. I will post more images later.

The top left image is the main character, Gypsysnail and it is of her in walk view facing the player.

Left: This is Jonah, Gypsysnail's yellow pet bird that follows her around during the game

Gypsysnail in talk view Jonah in talk view